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Swarm of Eyes Hits Kosher Metal’s Airwaves

Oy, vey! Swarm of Eyes have been declared “kosher” by online radio station, No, they won’t be laying laying off the bacon in favor of gefilte fish any time soon. Rather, songs from the band’s debut, Designing the Dystopia, are now included in the station’s airplay rotation.

Named for the slang term for “genuine and authentic,” Kosher Metal’s rotation playlist pulls from all subgenres of metal, blasting listeners’ ears with offerings from more established metal acts alongside newer and/or unsigned bands. Listeners can tune in via smartphone (Blackberry, Android, iPhone/Pad/Pod Touch) using the TuneIn Radio/Radiotime apps ( and on the web at To find out about upcoming interviews, contests, or to request a song, connect with Kosher Metal directly through their website, or via the Kosher Metal Facebook page.

Swarm of Eyes is thrilled to have received the Kosher Metal stamp of approval and hope to reach new fans via the site’s airwaves.

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Bounded By Metal reviews “Designing the Dystopia”

Bounded By Metal recently reviewed SOE’s debut, Designing the Dystopia, and had some good things to say. Check out Bounded By Metal’s review in its entirety here.

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Swarm of Eyes now on iTunes

Swarm of Eyes has made like the rest of us and joined the digital age! The band’s debut album, Designing the Dystopia is now available for download on iTunes, the world’s top digital music retailer. (Insert your own bad “Swarm of iTunes” jokes here.)

For the low, low cost of $9.99, you can instantly assault your ears with the sweet, sweet sounds of the Swarm. If you’re limiting your metal intake to small doses these days, individual tracks may be purchased for $0.99. Sure, you’ll have one less beer coaster in your collection, however, downloading Swarm of Eyes on iTunes lets you hear Designing the Dystopia now (NOW! NOW!) instead of waiting for the album to arrive at your doorstep.

Swarm of Eyes are excited to present their fans with the option to download their debut on iTunes and hope to reach an even bigger chunk of the metal community by making their music easily accessible to metalheads around the globe.

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