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Hoodie: Black & White Horned Skull

Hey, if black & white is good enough for The Misfits, KISS, and Michael Jackson (hee-heeeee!), it’s good enough for Swarm of Eyes! We’re just gonna have to make it even MOAR METAL!

A sharp white Swarm of Eyes band logo adorns the left front chest portion of the hoodie. The back features a large Swarm of Eyes logo and horned skull — brought to life in all its white-hot fury by Mike D. of Killswitch Engage and his graphic design house, DarkicoN Design.

This super-soft, super-stylish unisex hoodie will keep you warm through winter, spring, and fall. And it looks so damn good that you’ll want to wear it in sweltering summer heat. Screw it! Just wear some extra deodorant and rock your Swarm of Eyes hoodie with pride!

Available in unisex sizes. Shipping included.

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