Swarm of Eyes is:

Randy Carter – vocals
George O’Connor – guitars
Derrik Albertelli – guitars
Jeff Grossman – bass
Tommy Burke – drums

Swarm of Eyes eschews formulaic metal to create dark, angry soundscapes that travel from the epic spires of doom metal to the desolate lowlands of power thrash.  Based out of New England,  the thrash/metal outfit released their debut album, Designing the Dystopia, in April 2011. In early 2017, they released their follow-up EP, We Go to War With the Weapons We Have.

With a sound hard to pin to any one particular metal genre, Swarm of Eyes mashes up elements of Lamb of God, Carcass, and early Metallica. Formed in 2009, the band steadily amassed a following on the web with clips such as “Ruins of My Last Salvation” and “The Day That God Went Mad.”

Fueled by the soul-tearing riffs of guitarists Derrik Albertelli and George O’Connor and narrated by the rasping growls of lead vocalist Randy Carter, Swarm of Eyes became even heavier with the addition of bassist Jeff Grossman midway through the album’s production. They became even heavier yet with drummer Tommy Burke joining the band in August 2011. Since then, Swarm of Eyes has been melting the faces of fans along the East coast on the regular, touring throughout the New England states and New York.

In the march towards the release of their second disc, Swarm of Eyes recorded several singles that have appeared on compilations, as well as the original song “SULRIC,” which appeared in the Rival Kingdoms mobile game. In addition to appearing on the bill at numerous festivals and headlining shows on their home turf of New England, Swarm of Eyes have opened for bands such as Overkill, Nile, Fear Factory, Soulfly, Max and Iggor Cavalera, Combichrist, Havok, Death Ray Vision, Overcast, The Empire Shall Fall, Acacia Strain, The Contortionist, Life of Agony, and GWAR.

They’ve continued to attract more fans with their energetic live shows and new material, including songs “Tell Your God to Ready for Blood” and “Carrion.”