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Swarm of Eyes Makes Second Appearance WEMF’s Deathkiss Radio Show

On Friday January 27th, 2017,  Swarm of Eyes were the special guests on WEMF radio’s Deathkiss presented by Pino Brothers Ink show.  This time around, all five guys hauled it into the studio for an hour of blast beats and banter with their lovely and gracious host, Mary Frances Church.

The episode marked Swarm of Eyes’ second appearance on the show as a band, having made their first appearance back in July 2016.  It’s also the fourth time that vocalist Randy has joined Mary Frances in the studio, previously serving as guest host to the Massachusetts Mistress of Metal on two separate occasions.

In addition playing cuts from their new EP and the band’s bid for Wacken glory, the Sultans of Snack Metal answered a number of questions, including:

  • What makes five grown men cry at the same time?
  • Which was the very first Swarm of Eyes song to feature all five members recording in the studio at the same time?
  • Why are Jeff and Tommy like the Hatfields & the McCoys?
  • Which band member is the loveable “elected dictator” when it comes to booking?
  • The Perils of Men Wearing Leggings: Can dude booty be juicy?

In case you missed the episode in its original run, check out the Deathkiss podcast online or listen to the (not) live (anymore) broadcast on Facebook.

Deathkiss presented by Pino Brothers Ink airs every live Friday at 7pm EST on WEMF Radio. Get into it, son!

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Swarm of Eyes Chats New Album, Wrestling on Neckbreaker Podcast

Last night, four-out-of-five of the Swarm of Eyes guys sat down with Brian Thompson, host of the Neckbreaker podcast.  (Cut Jeff some slack! The man was out with his family, celebrating his 40th birthday, damnit!)

Following a sumptuous chicken dinner (courtesy of Brian and his wife, Sarah Jane), Neckbreaker kicked into high gear with witty banter and wicked riffs.

The 90-minute show was packed with metal,  laughs, and a little bit of time devoted to the Sport of Kings, professional wrestling. During the live Facebook broadcast, the band chatted with their gracious hosts about:

  • The formation of the band: who played with whom prior to Swarm of Eyes
  • The new EP and why the band waited so long to release new material
  • Why drummers are such a hot commodity in New England
  • The “sixth member” of Swarm of Eyes
  • What up-and-coming bands need to do to get ahead on their local scenes
  • Old school wrestling vs. the current landscape (or “product,” in the words of good ol’ Jim Ross)
  • Which guys were playing with their phones during the interview
  • And much more!

Don’t feel like seeing the Swarm of Eyes boys in all their handsome glory on the Facebook live stream and using up all of your phone’s monthly data in the process?  Well, hang onto yer butts and subscribe to the Neckbreaker podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud to listen on January 9th!

Thanks again to Brian for having us on! (Special thanks also to Sarah Jane for her heapin’ helpin’ of hospitality and the delicious food!)

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Swarm of Eyes Play Jeff’s Birthday Bonanza in Beverly

On January 30, 2016, Swarm of Eyes celebrated the birthday of bassist Jeff Grossman — that fretboard lighting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighting, heart-igniting son of a gun — in grand style at the Spotlight Tavern in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Playing to a packed house, Swarm of Eyes played a memorable set, prancing around the stage looking like Steel Panther’s Care Bear Cousins. The ’80s themed event saw Swarm of Eyes doing something special for one of their own, as well as the fans who turned out for the show. It also saw them decked out in enough spandex and Aqua Net spray-mounted wigs to make a revival of Rock of Ages look like Law and Order: SVU by comparison.

The Eyes guys played a mixed bag of original songs and a few classic punk, rock, and metal covers. New songs “Left to Burn,” “Tell Your God To Ready For Blood,” and “Cursed in Blood” were trotted out to the approval (they hope) of the live crowd in preparation for the band’s upcoming EP. Old favorites like “Endless Ashes,” “The Day That God Went Mad,” and “Humanemic” rounded out Swarm of Eyes’ original offerings for the night.

On their cover of Motley Crue’s “Looks That Kill,” Swarm of Eyes were joined onstage by Chris Harvey, lead singer for Guns N’ Roses tribute band Cocaine Tongue, who provided a wicked nasty (and awesome) contrast to Randy’s growling vocals.    Misfits’ tribute band 138 put in an appearance with the group’s lead singer chiming in on Swarm of Eyes’ rendition of “Where Eagles Dare.” Rounding out the covers were The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop,” and Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell,” which brought the show to its fist-pumping conclusion.

You only turn 30-something-ish once, and the Swarm of Eyes guys and their fans made damn sure it was a fun and memorable night for Jeff, as well as their fans. Thanks for coming out!


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