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Happy Valentine’s Day from Swarm of Eyes: Free eCards!

Whether you’re partnered up with a special someone or flyin’ solo with some Kleenex and Lubriderm this February 14th, Swarm of Eyes loves you.

How much do we love you, our dear Swarmies? We’ve created an exclusive set of Swarm of Eyes Valentines for you to annoy the shit out of   share with friends, family, loved ones, and coworkers — or any combination of those groups, if some of them happen to overlap. Impress the hell out of everyone you didn’t buy candy for with your outstanding taste in metal and poor taste in Valentine’s Day eCards!

That’s right! We’ve gone full-blown Tiger Beat with images of the darling Swarm of Eyes boys juxtaposed with sentimental sayings from the cardstock Valentine’s of your youth! Just pick your favorite one to send to a friend online. Or, kick it old school and click on the PDF below to download all 8 Swarm of Eyes and print them out at home or whilst abusing your company’s color printer.

We hope you enjoy them. From the Swarm of Eyes guys to you, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Download the PDF

Download Swarm of Eyes Valentines

Download Swarm of Eyes Valentines

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