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Something Wicked Awesome This Way Comes: Swarm of Eyes’ First Live Show October 6th!

In a bizarre twist of fate, Swarm of Eyes’ first live performance at The Lucky Dog in Worcester scheduled for September 24th, 2011 has been cancelled. Instead, the band will be making their live debut on Thursday October 6th, 2011 at Great Scott in Allston, MA. Swarm of Eyes will be joined by Acaro, Death Ray Vision, Motherboar, and Your Pain Is Endearing. Showtime is 9pm with a $10 cover charge. Come on out to Allston for metal history in the making! (But only if you’re over 18.)

While the cancellation of the September 24th gig is undoubtedly enough to make any self-respecting Swarmie want to hurl themselves off the nearest bridge, Worcester fans need not be disappointed forever. In a post on Swarm of Eyes’ Facebook page, the band promised that they would be gracing the hallowed stage at The Lucky Dog sometime this fall:

We have some bad news, our first gig ever has been canceled. The club, my good friends The Lucky Dog, had the headliner cancel and just couldn’t put a heavy lineup together in such short time. They hope to have something for us in late October, so we’ll keep you posted.

At this point our first gig will be October 6th at Great Scott in Allston, MA.


Now dry those eyes and have yourself an ice cream cone, kids!

As always, keep checking back here for more upcoming live Swarm of Eyes dates in the weeks ahead. See you October 6th!

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Swarm of Eyes Members Appear on Motokops 2000’s “Unborn Sin”

Swarm of Eyes vocalist Randy Carter and guitarist Derrik Albertelli appear on the previously unreleased Motokops 2000 track, “Unborn Sin.” Available for listening on ReverbNation, the song gives Swarmies a chance to hear Randy and Derrik in the now-defunct New England metal band in the years before Swarm of Eyes was formed.

That’s right, kids. Once upon a time, before the Swarm were ever a glint in a swarm of, uhh… eyes… There was the mighty, mighty Motokops 2000.

Known as “MK2K” to their legion of fans, the band was renowned for their high-energy live shows. These live performances featured a mix of brutally awesome original metal songs and unorthodox covers. (Have you ever heard hardcore versions of The Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men” or Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon”?! Well!?!?! HAVE YOU!!?!?!)

Comprised of Randy Carter on vocals, Dave Novin on guitar, and a drum machine so damn good it made Neil Peart sound like Peter Criss, the band later expanded to include Derrik Albertelli on guitar, shredding things up alongside Novin’s powerful riffs.

MK2K eventually disbanded when Dave Novin was called to the West Coast to slay giants and train ninjas. Several years later, Swarm of Eyes arose from the ashes as a new metal force to be reckoned with.

As the saying goes, “everything old is new again.” While MK2K will not be reuniting any time soon, a long-awaited follow up to 2003’s … Only Pieces Remain is in the works. “Unborn Sin” is one of several previously unreleased tracks that will appear on the as-yet-untitled album with Producer/Engineer/Programmer/Guitarist Extraordinaire Dave Novin at the helm.

To check out MK2K’s once-and-future material, listen to the band and become a fan on ReverbNation and “like” MK2K on Facebook.

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Swarm of Eyes to Appear on “Kosher Komp: Vol. 1”

Online metal radio station, is doing their part to support underground metal with the release of Kosher Komp: Vol. 1, available for free download on September 10th, 2011. The compilation features 25 songs from 14 metal bands, including Threat Level, Ana Kefr, Mouth of the Serpent, and (of course) Swarm of Eyes.

Since Swarm of Eyes are twice as handsome as most metal bands, they will have not one, but two songs from their debut, Designing the Dystopia, included on the compilation. Future fans who have not yet had the pleasure of having heard Swarm of Eyes (or fans too cheap to purchase the insanely affordable album through the band’s website, iTunes or CD Baby) can experience the joy of having their ears bleed to the tune of “Ruins of My Last Salvation” and “Teeth of the Serpent” with the release of the Kosher Komp: Vol. 1 download.

A full track listing will be available on September 10th, 2011. Fans will be able to download the compilation for free at For now, get a gander at all of the bands appearing on the download and brace yourself for extreme handsomeness at 0.31 on the video below:

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