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Swarm of Eyes Immortalized In Cartoon Form

Swarm of Eyes would like to offer a huge amount of thanks to artist Matthew Albanese for preserving the band’s handsomeness for posterity with an insanely cool piece of fan art he submitted to us. Most bands have to stick around for 10 or 20 years to become immortalized in cartoon format. Swarm of Eyes has only played ONE live gig and has already achieved what so few bands have accomplished after decades. This is just one small milestone on the Swarm’s march towards world domination!

You can view Matthew’s artistic rendering of the band over on our Fan Photos & Art page here on the website along with other fans who have captured themselves lookin’ snazzy in their Sunday best Swarm of Eyes t-shirts.

Swarmies, if you have any art inspired by Swarm of Eyes or their debut album, Designing the Dystopia (available on CD or for digital download now, now, NOW!), please send it to us. We’d be delighted to showcase your talents and possibly exploit them for future merchandising use!

That’s right, kids: Facebook fan art today. “The Simpsons” and “South Park” tomorrow!

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Thrash N’ Bang Reviews “Designing the Dystopia”

Swarm of Eyes has received yet another glowing review for their debut album, Designing the Dystopia because they paid someone off! Online metal magazine Thrash N’ Bang recently reviewed the disc after the site’s founders, the esteemed Messrs. Bang and Slimedog, attended Swarm of Eyes’ live debut at Great Scott in Allston, MA. Thrash N’ Bang editor/scribe Andy Bang felt so compelled by the band’s performance that he penned an album review highlighting his favorite tracks.   Check out the review on Thrash N’ Bang here

Swarm of Eyes is mighty pleased to have been given such a positive and appreciative review. Thanks, guys!

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Download “Kosher Komp, Vol. 1” featuring Swarm of Eyes

Kick off your weekend with a free (that’s right… FREE!) 25-song download featuring Swarm of Eyes and 13 other up-and-coming metal bands. Online metal radio station, is offering Kosher Komp, Vol. 1, available for free download beginning September 10th, 2011 at 12am EST. Fans can download the album to their computer in the form of a zip file of MP3s, along with an interactive PDF of album art and credits. Fans can also listen to the entire album via stream to their smartphone directly from the site.

The free download of Kosher Komp, Vol. 1 can be downloaded here.

Swarm of Eyes contributed two songs (“Ruins of My Last Salvation” and “Teeth of the Serpent”) to Kosher Komp, Vol. 1. Even if you already have a copy of the band’s debut, Designing the Dystopia (shameless plug), do yourself a favor and check out Kosher Komp, Vol. 1. Hey, it’s free! What do you have to lose! You may even find a band you like almost as much as Swarm of Eyes!

If you like Kosher Komp, Vol. 1 feel free to use the “share” feature on Kosher Metal’s download page to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or any other of those newfangled social networking sites the kids are into these days. Your friends will love you for sharing FREE AWESOME with them!!

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