CD: Swarm of Eyes – “Designing the Dystopia”

Rejoice, metal fans! Swarm of Eyes' debut album, "Designing the Dystopia," is now available. All 14 songs of pure brutality can barely be contained by the shrink wrap. The full- color album and CD art (designed by the renowned Travis Smith) will ensure that you will want to keep this disc around (and not just as a beer coaster!) long after you've ripped it to your digital music player of choice. It also comes with a lyric booklet so you can understand what the hell that lead singer is grunting about. Now THAT's quality! Order your copy today!


Track listing:
1. Enter the Circle
2. Ruins of My Last Salvation
3. Endless Ashes
4. Shadows at Dusk
5. Humanemic
6. Journey to the Endless End
7. Punish the Artificer
8. The Day That God Went Mad
9. Teeth of the Serpent
10. Warzone
11. Downfall
12. Til Death For Glory
13. Irredeemable
14. Nothing More I Can Bleed

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