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Swarm of Eyes Reveals Album Art & Release Date for New Album

Not since Chinese Democracy have metal fans been so eagerly anticipating a release! And while it may or may not be as disappointing, by gum, Swarm of Eyes’ second album is coming soon! The band’s sophomore effort, We Go to War with the Weapons We Have, is scheduled for a January 6th, 2017 release date with cover art and visuals designed by the one and only Mike D’Antonio of Killswitch Engage, via his art production house DarkicoN Design.

Fans will hear an evolution of the band’s sound that retain elements from their 2012 debut, Designing the Dystopia, and combines Big 4-style riffs with modern metal production. The end result is an addictive strain of thrash-y doom metal that leaves a distinctive imprint of destruction in its wake.

Produced by Dave “Weirdbeard” McCafferty and Swarm of Eyes guitarist George O’Connor, the album features four brand new tracks, two cover songs, and a re-recorded “Humanemic” from the band’s debut disc. Whereas the original “Humanemic” was recorded before bassist Jeff Grossman and drummer Tommy Burke joined the band, this new version features all five members of Swarm of Eyes bringing their talents to the track.

Check out our shameless shill at the end of this news bulletin the track listing and pre-order your copy today. (Shipping 01/06/2017).