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Swarm of Eyes to Release Debut Album

New England thrash/metal outfit Swarm of Eyes is preparing to release their debut album, Designing the Dystopia. With a sound hard to pin to any one particular metal genre, Swarm of Eyes mashes up elements of Lamb of God, Carcass, and early Metallica. Formed in 2009, the band has been steadily amassing a following on the web with clips from Designing the Dystopia, including “Ruins of My Last Salvation” and the throttling “The Day That God Went Mad.”

Swarm of Eyes eschews formulaic metal to create dark, angry soundscapes that travel from epic spires of doom metal to the desolate lowlands of power thrash. Lyrically, the band culls inspiration from personal turmoil and some of history’s grimmest events, underscoring the factors that go into “Designing the Dystopia” on a metaphoric level.