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Swarm of Eyes Begin Writing For New Album

Little more than a year following the release of their debut, Swarm of Eyes has begun writing songs for a new album.  The band’s first album, Designing the Dystopia, featured the songwriting talents of lead singer Randy Carter, guitarist Derrik Albertelli, and guitarist / producer George O’Connor.  The as-yet-to-be-titled new album will include bassist Jeff Grossman and drummer Tommy Burke in the writing and recording process, as well.

“We have the basis for the first new song in two years. George put down some killer riffs into a rough demo with some programmed drums for us to all listen to, and we should be jamming on it over the next couple of weeks,” said vocalist Randy Carter.

It remains to be seen how soon SoE will incorporate their new song as part of their live repertoire.  The band has been playing a steady stream of gigs throughout the New England area and plans to hit major cities along the East coast later this Fall.  Check out the band’s Tour page to see where they are playing next or drop the band a line on Facebook to let them know you’d like to see them play your city!

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